Skills, competencies and titles can help you attract a high level of professional advancement but it takes more for you are taken more seriously. Here are some tips for developing a stronger stature.

Earn real respect

What will your colleagues say about you when you are not there? What would they say you are admired and respected for? Do the right people trust you? Be smart about how you implement your responsibilities. Don’t have an individual mindset. Be able to work effectively with a group of people. Maintain a balance between empathy and making tough decisions. Be ready and able to defend your decisions and your actions.

Be a strong professional

Be professional in terms of your capability as well as your work ethic. Can people count on you? Are they confident you know what you are doing whatever your role? What would they say you are passionate about? Hone expertise. Deliver value. Have mentors and experienced people that you can learn a tremendous amount from. Be more than technically smart; show a high sense of responsibility and accountability.

Show a desire to learn

What would you say is one thing you’ve learnt in the last month in your role? When you reflect on where you are; are you developing as you should? Be able to demonstrate that you are learning and for yourself, not only via the training HR rolls out. Craft your own development plan and systematically build the capability that you need. Expose yourself to learning opportunities and get involved in different types of work.

Ensure your work is impactful

Can people see the measure of your work? When you are involved in something, does it make people better, more confident and capable? Do people feel you are always doing your best? Think about the people and situations that can you can impact on and get to work on that. Help others achieve a little bit more than they could on their own. Be eager to be part of groups that are driving impact.

Have decent behavior

Demonstrate great habits and encourage that in others. Have a positive disposition. Don’t deliberately hide your mistakes or make light of them. Own up to them as soon as they occur and ensure you don’t make those mistakes again. Be reliable otherwise you being talented will not add much value. When you are wrong yield with grace.


Now take action: What can you do to be more impactful as a person?


Enhance Your Stature